Student Housing – We Create Strong Communities On & Off Campus

Several students studying on a picnic table next to a boulder and pine tree, against the backdrop of a contemporary gray steel building with a bright yellow and glass tower exuding light at dusk outside of dormitory / residence hall

We have a rock-solid foundation in student housing design

Founding principal Brian DiPietro began his professional career at WTW Architects in 2004, where he led the design for over two-thirds of the firm’s student housing projects, becoming a partner in 2019. Projects he led the design and/or project management for during his time at WTW are featured.

Building on Brian’s experience, ROCKiT Architects brings over 15 years of experience dedicated to student housing across the country. At WTW, Brian made relationships with some of the biggest developers both regionally and nationally, resulting in over $1B of student housing and apartments across the country in over 6M SF of buildings of experience. While at WTW, Brian designed everything from wood framed buildings to steel, and block and plank, modular construction, LEED, and even the first net-zero carbon residence hall in the SUNY system of 64 campuses.

ROCKiT senior project manager Paul Lipchak adds another level of experience to student housing, having been employed by Allen & O’Hara for several years, primarily focused on the development of on and off-campus student housing projects across the country.

We know how to build residential communities as well as anyone

WTW Architects was once known as the premier architect in the country for designing Student Unions, having designed over 110 Student Unions/Centers across the United States. Student Unions are the central gathering space on campus, so it could be said that WTW was the national expert at designing communities on college campuses.

Early on in his career at WTW, ROCKiT founder Brian DiPietro took that expertise in creating communities in the Student Union design and applied it to his student housing projects. The result is an unparalleled approach to on-campus housing design, one that results in buildings with an uncanny ability to create community in the residence halls.

We have the specific experience for almost any type of residence hall

In the world of student housing, Brian DiPietro has just about done it all in his time at WTW.

Feasibility studies and initial floor plan design for the 12-story steel framed Des Places Hall for Duquesne University. Designed two residence halls, one a living learning community with classrooms and faculty apartments at the University of Nevada Reno in a partnership with Collaborative Design Studio of Reno, NV. Designed two living-learning residence halls for Southeastern Louisianna University with a geothermal system. Oversaw master planning and schematic floor plan designs for what would become three phases of hi-rise dormitories at Westchester University in a partnership with Voith & McTavish Architects of Philadelphia, PA. Consulted as the office expert on floor planning and acoustics for two residence halls at Clarion University, one of which included a movie theater below the housing units.

That’s not including those experiences outlined in the feature projects below, which include:

Featured Student Housing Projects

net-zero energy highly sustainable residence hall exterior with modern trellis and students engaged in front of building expert design architect
Hilltop Hall – SUNY Polytechnic Institute at Utica
Multiple red brick living learning community residence halls with large glass towers on the ends, straddling a long winding sidewalk on the side of a mountain in Pennsylvania
Spruce & Sycamore Halls Phase II – Mansfield University
 Living Room with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking surrounding mountainside in Pennsylvania
Oak & Hickory Halls Phase I – Mansfield University
Long discontinues building with large wooden ranger tower lit up at night with sunset in background, appears as a row of many rowhouses in New York
Centennial Hall – SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry
Modern Georgian Style red brick with white accent residence hall with green bridge leading to front door in Meadville, Pennsylvania
North Villiage Phase II – Allegheny College
Large UFO looking metal gazebo in front of orange brick contemporary residence hall with cylindrical glass and metal building connecting two buildings in the background outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
IUP Residential Revival Phase IV – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Historical looking pink brick residence hall with many gabled roofs, white front porch and trim, truncated dormer windows and brick quoining, very classical looking building (designed in style of Sutton Hall, the old campus Main) outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
IUP Residential Revival Phase III – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
red brick residential looking residence halls with glass corner, stone base, and large clocktower overlooking streetcorner outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
IUP Residential Revival Phase II – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Plaque Dedicating IUP student residential revival - commemorating the eight residence halls built on campus between 2007 and 2010, the largest replacement student housing project of its type in the United States at a cost of $245M.  outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
IUP Residential Revival Phase I – Indiana University of Pennsylvania